Is Casino rising or dooming day-by-day

Is Casino rising or dooming day-by-day

November 11, 2021 Off By Apollo

Whenever a gamer is asked to stop the game in the middle of his entertainment, you will often hear him say “just five more minutes” or “this is the last game.” Gaming has always been looked upon as a hobby and to engage in it more than an hour or two was a big problem.  Overtime, countries across the world have started accepting gaming as a part of their life.

Today, gaming is also accepted as a possible career option.  More and more people are moving away from traditional career options and into the gaming world.

An insight into this world of gaming

Speaking of the gaming industry, today it is a multibillion dollar industry.  Here, gamers connect to the game using a mobile device such as computer/laptop, mobile or iPad through wireless connection.  Once connected, they can play their favorite game from any place – home, office, or on the go.  This is the biggest advantage of this industry; it doesn’t stop you from engaging in your day to day activities.  You can keep playing while completing your daily tasks. You may be a beginner, intermediate or professional player – there is something for players of all levels.

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You can play games for countless hours without worrying about anyone judging you.  You may play them using your own name or with random identity.  You can compete against the best and worst players from all over the world.  Most Garuda999 games show your world ranking in terms of coins or rankings or any other attribute they wish to base it out of.

Where do we stand today?

The global industry is on a fast growing pace with a value of $108.9 billion.  Every year it is expected to grow 7.8 %, a rate which has been maintained for several years till date.  There is a huge scope for growth in this industry with growing innovations and concepts being introduced every year.  Some of these include esports, whopping and live streaming.

With the growing trend in technology and awareness, we see promising future of the gaming industry.  It is still in the beginning stages.  With the engagement of professional players, and live streaming of the games, it has become a dream career option for many enthusiasts.  This industry is attracting individuals of all generations, Gen x, Gen y, millennial and all other future generations as well.  Children are born with minds trained to hold and operate gadgets.