Local Rockville Roofing Experts

My boys over at Rockville Roofing (http://roofingrockville.com) really came through for me this week. With all this damn rain over the Spring, my house has been leaking like a freakin’ boat with a screen door floor.

Turns out the problem’s probably been there since I bought the place back in 2011 and my home inspector just missed it. I shoulda noticed the first red flag with the little gray stains where the ceiling and wall meet in the upstairs bathroom.  I thought it was probably just condensation from the shower… wrong!

I didn’t know I was in real rouble until I saw the same stains one floor below (on the same side of the house) where the wall and ceiling meet up in the kitchen.

I called up Rockville Roofing, along with a couple of other contractors, to get someone out to take a look and give estimates.

They came in with the best price and were the best at explaining what my issues were and exactly how they were gonna take care of my problem.

I’m a happy guy…  we had a wicked strong thunderstorm the other day and not a single drop made it inside. If you need roof or gutter repairs done, give these guys a call!