Best Damn Dog Boarding in Maryland

Hey Hey!Dog Boarding in Gaithersburg

What’s happenin’ blog base?

I just wanted to give a shout out to Moe Lindesey over at iCare Canine Pet Services.

The man’s got some serious skills when it comes to dogs.  He’s been training ’em for years, and has one helluva local following.

His business has been growing like crazy.  Every time I see the poor guy, he looks like he hadn’t slept in a week.  lol.

But still, he’s up and at ’em every day, in the office at 5:00Am to check on the boarding dogs and get ready for the next day.  I see him holding classes with clients and he’s always on top of his game.  Customers love this guy, and it shows.  Just Google the business name and check out the reviews…  damn!

He just opened up a new facility in Gaithersburg, on Oakmont Ave, right around the corner from Shady Grove Metro.

He and Annemarie set up this really cool Gaithersburg Dog Day Care thing, except they go a step further, calling it Dog Day School.  ‘Cause they don’t just crate your dog all day…  they don’t let ’em run wild and undisciplined all day either.

The man has a plan…

Any of the dogs in the Day School, any of them staying for the Gaithersburg Dog Boarding or Rockville Dog Boarding program, all follow a structured schedule.

They have scheduled breaks, play times, and what sets iCare Canine Pet Services’ boarding and daycare apart from the rest, they each get two training sessions a day with Moe himself or another experienced trainer.

You just tell ’em what you want the dog to improve on, and they get to work on it.

That right there is worth a TON.  At least to me.

You can’t forget about the training classes either.  That’s how they got their start and still what their famous for today.  They still offer the same group classes, private lessons, in-home day camps, and multi-week board & train programs.

All-in-all, they’ve grown into one helluva company.  You couldn’t ask for anyone better qualified to watch after your best friend.

Call these guys NOW. lol.

No, Seriously…

Do it. 🙂